Donation Request

Dear Patrons of Spring City We’re writing to ask you to “save the date” for the dedication of the Spring City School Community Center: Friday, May 26th, at 1:00 p.m. On that day, the building will be completed and ready for use as your City Hall and Community Center. It is the Friends’ goal to turn over the building to you in “apple pie” condition and debt-free. We are asking for your donations in an effort to do that. Many private donors and grants have helped in this effort. Almost always, when a grant is obtained, there is a “match” requirement. The CIB, Community Impact Fund Board, has given two large grant/loans toward this project. You may remember that the first CIB grant and loan was accepted in 2012--this was for about $650,000, and half that amount was a low-interest loan. At that time, the Friends contracted with our city to pay the loan off--as the building is finished this spring, there will be a balance on that loan of approximately $105,000. More recently, the CIB has given Spring City Corp. a second grant and loan, this time for $575,000, and again, about half of this is a loan. If all goes well this spring, we will have, with help from the Eccles Foundation, many private donors, and the Utah State Legislature, enough funds to retire this loan immediately. We will need your help to pull this off! In the entryway of our new Community Center, a beautiful Wall of Honor is taking shape; on it are limestone plaques, engraved with the names of donors or others they wish to honor. A $250 donation secures a 6”x12” plaque; $500 an 8”x16” plaque, $1000 a 12” x 24 plaque. All donations of any size are gratefully accepted, but please consider honoring your family, your ancestors or your descendants with a plaque that can go up before the dedication, if sent in within the next couple of weeks. Thank you so much. Alison Anderson and the Friends of Historic Spring City Board of Directors