“Preserving our past, Restoring for the present, and Ensuring our Future"

The Friends of Historic Spring City ( Friends) is a grass roots organization formed to help the local community preserve their historic homes. The Friends  formed as a  nonprofit corporation (501c3) for the purposes of preserving, protecting and promoting the historic environment of the Spring City area through public awareness, advocacy, and active preservation.



The Friends of Historic Spring City  have sponsored Heritage Day celebrations since 1983 when the Daughters of Utah Pioneers turned the Spring City Old School over to the local Spring City government. Since 2001, as part of  Heritage Day, a scholarship is awarded to  help local students fund their education. This scholarship is awarded to a student who contributes to the local history through art or essay. In addtion, the Friends have spronsored an annual recognition award to individuals for special service to the City's history since 1995. All of this contributes to an event that not only raises money for Spring City preservation projects, but also brings our community together to celebrate its history.

Since 1983 the Friends have been the main force behind the preservation of the Old 1899 Spring City Public School. The Friends also provides support in obtaining  plaques for historic buildings on the National Register,  helps Spring City residents find funding for preserving historic structures, and supports anyone in need of saving an old barn. The Friends of Historic Spring City is truly a grass roots organization working to help the Spring City community.


President Alison Anderson
Vice President John Potter
Secretary Robert Bruckner
Treasurer Earl Clark

Board Members

Cynthia DeGrey

J. Scott Anderson
Jill Okelberry

Kaye Miller
Kaye Watson
Kimberly Lloyd-Stewart
M'lisa Paulsen
Nancy Allred
Owen Hogle
Pam Newman

Randal and Shari Thatcher
Ron Henriksen
Wally Scott

Advisory Board Members Cherrie Burrow

Chris Anderson

Craig Paulsen

Keith Coltharp

Ron Henrikson

Yvonne Wright

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  1. Mary Hewes
    | Reply

    Hi –

    This message is for Alison Anderson. She kindly loaned me some walking shoes during the National Trust partners retreat in SLC this week, and I was unable to personally return them to her. Will you please let her know that they are at the front desk of the Alta Club two doors down from her condo?

    Or, if you’re at liberty to, please reply with her phone number or email address so I can contact her directly.

    Thank you so much!

    Mary Hewes

    • calif2tenn@gmail.com
      | Reply

      Forwarded your comment to Alison.

  2. Patricia Thompson
    | Reply

    I am related to the Allreds. Do you have any pics if them and/or their home? I saw a couple if Allreds on the board. We are probably related.

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