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Old School is Nearing Completion

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SPRING CITY—Cynthia Allred DeGrey had something to say. Five years ago, the lifelong Spring City resident listened as the city council considered a funding proposal involving the Utah Community Impact Board (CIB) and Friends of Historic Spring City, a private nonprofit that had been operating in the community for 30 years. At stake was a $327,000 CIB grant that would help with an ongoing restoration project at the historic school, a project that started in 1979. In order to get the grant, the city had to accept a matching loan that Friends of Historic Spring City had committed to paying off. The city’s decision to accept or reject the loan hinged on the integrity of the Friends. If they could fulfill their promise, the loan was a go. If not, the city would reject the loan and with it, the matching grant. DeGrey considered the situation carefully. And then she rose to say what she had to say. “This is an opportunity that we may not ever get again if we turn this down,” she remembers saying. “The Friends have proven themselves to be very invested in getting this project finished.”
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Dear Patrons of Spring City

We’re writing to ask you to “save the date” for the dedication of the Spring City School Community Center: Friday, May 26th, at 1:00 p.m. On that day, the building will be completed and ready for use as your City Hall and Community Center. It is the Friends’ goal to turn over the building to you in “apple pie” condition and debt-free. We are asking for your donations in an effort to do that. Many private donors and grants have helped in this effort. We will need your help to pull this off!
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