» » Marinus Petersen House, c. 1878 285 East 500 North

Marinus Petersen House, c. 1878 285 East 500 North

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Marinus Petersen, a Danish immigrant convert to the LDS Church, built this rock house and barn for his family in the mid-1870s. The hall-parlor, one and one half story house has a symmetrical façade pierced by three openings. In 1924 a hipped roof addition was added to the rear. The house remains one of the outstanding 19th century rock homes in Spring City. Marvin “Bish” Petersen was a son of Marinus and lived in the house until his death in 1978. His nickname stands for “Bishop” and is a tongue-in-cheek reference to Petersen’s strictly non-Mormon attitude. The house is owned by Lothar and Anita Janke who emigrated from East Germany in 1980. The adjacent barn is a hay barn with log crib and frame stable. Other outbuildings on the site have been remodeled for extra living space.

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