» » Spring City LDS Chapel, 1902-1911 164 South Main

Spring City LDS Chapel, 1902-1911 164 South Main

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This oolitic limestone chapel was designed by architect Richard C. Watkins of Provo and built between 1902-1911. John F. Bohlin supervised masons Jens J. Carlson, Jens. Sorensen and Lars Larsen. Emil Erickson and two men from Mt. Pleasant were the principal carpenters. The building cost $40,000 and was dedicated by Anton H. Lund, counselor to Joseph F. Smith on March 15, 1914. It was remodeled in 1939. An addition to the north, containing a cultural hall and other rooms, was constructed of matching limestone in the 1970s.This was the LDS church’s first preservation and addition to a chapel rather than replacing the historic building with a new chapel. It is currently listed among the LDS church’s top 15 historic buildings.

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